Transportation Safety Emphasis Areas

This dashboard summarizes crash data with respect to identified safety emphasis areas, grouped into three major categories. The upper bar chart shows total fatalities and serious injuries, while the lower bar chart shows the corresponding Severity Index for each emphasis area.  Severity Index is based on the ratio of the total number of fatalities and severe injuries to the total number of crashes. A higher value indicates a greater likelihood of more severe outcomes for persons involved in that type of crash.​

​Click on a major category in the far left column to highlight that category in both bar charts. Click again to release. Click on a specific Emphasis Area within any category to highlight that measure in both bar charts. Click on a geographic area in the legend to highlight that geography in both bar charts. Click again to release.  Hover over any bar to see additional information about that Emphasis Area. Click on the bar to show the trend over time for that Emphasis Area in the line graph. Click again to release, or make another selection. Filter data by Urban Growth Boundary.

(​Data Source: ODOT crash data, 2007-2019 -- incidents on the roadways reported by law enforcement, emergency responders, and motorists. Impaired Driving includes all crashes that involved reported use of alcohol and/or drugs.)​