Vision & Guiding Principles

Vision Statement
We will live in a safe community supported by a safety and justice system that works together to focus on prevention and restoration, while balancing intervention and enforcement. The system will be built on a solid foundation of constitutional principles, statutory laws and community values which honor and promote personal responsibility, family and neighborhood involvement, and trust among people and institutions.

Guiding Principles
  • We will prevent crime by promoting conditions, behaviors, and individual and community attitudes that result in a safe community.
  • We will hold youth and adult offenders accountable and employ sanctions which fit the circumstances of the crime and the offender.
  • We will promote the rights of victims and the community to be compensated and restored.
  • We will provide opportunities for skill training, rehabilitation, and reintegration of offenders into the community.
  • We will assist community members to understand and accept their responsibility to contribute to and maintain a safe and just society.
  • We will coordinate the programs and activities of governmental and private agencies that affect community safety and justice, and will ensure agencies work in partnership with the business community and citizens.
  • We will make effective community safety decisions based on research data from a comprehensive information management system.
  • We will support the rights of all individuals to a fair and non-discriminatory legal process.
Council Goals
  • Goal 1: Have a system in place that monitors, evaluates, and recommends improvements for the effectiveness of the community safety system.
  • Goal 2: Review governance models and make recommendations that support cooperative and coordinated approaches to community safety.
  • Goal 3: Have a continuum of services and sanctions in place based on proven best practices that promote community safety.