Cottage Grove Area Transit Development Plan

The City of Cottage Grove is working on a plan for the future of public transportation in the Cottage Grove area.


Public transportation is any transportation that is available to the public. Examples include buses, Dial-A-Ride, Mobility on Demand (MOD), bike share, and more.

Input from community members like you is a very important part of this process so we can better understand the needs and opportunities to make transit work for you.

Thank you for participating in the project's community survey. For full survey results, please see the Survey Report in the resources section at the bottom of the page. 

City of Cottage Grove

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Project Background

A Transit Development Plan (TDP) is a master plan to help guide the role of public transportation within and beyond the Cottage Grove area. The study extends south to North Douglas County, north to Eugene-Springfield, west out to Lorane, and east to Dorena. 

A TDP is developed to:

Support and guide decisions about public transportation service improvements and investments, evaluate the impacts of community growth and development on public transportation service and explore alternative futures, strengthen coordination with the public and community partners, and strategize funding opportunities.

The City of Cottage Grove and Lane Council of Governments have partnered to develop the Cottage Grove Area TDP for the planning period of 2019-2029.

Project Goals

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Project Timeline

The project kicked off in March 2020 and will be adopted in Spring 2021. Community engagement is an essential part of the process and is ongoing through the entire project duration.

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Contact us

Syd Shoaf

Lane Council of Governments
Assistant Planner
Phone: 541-682-4023

Amanda Ferguson

City of Cottage Grove 
City Planner
Phone: 541-942 -3340